About Prestige Intellectual Property Office

We work hard to protect your brand at affordable rates. Our proven standardized process minimizes the chances of application rejection, and optimizes your application for success.

About Us

Prestige Intellectual Property Office was established with the aim of providing affordable trademark registration services for all kinds of businesses – from startups to large corporations. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools needed to protect their brand. While large corporations can easily pay a hefty fee to law firms for brand protection, small business owners may find themselves at a disadvantage in this situation due to their budget constraints.

As a small business owner, you run the risk of having your original mark infringed upon by another company. There is no way to argue that the mark is yours if it hasn’t been registered. Trademark Prestige Intellectual Property Office was created to ensure that nobody profits off someone else’s creativity, just because they can afford to.

Although we are not a law firm, we have a team of professional trademark experts who undergo an extensive training program to make them the best at what they do. Only after they have completed their training and passed a rigorous series of examinations can an employee be placed into service. This rigorous training leads to the expert level of services we provide.

Thousands have trusted us with their brand protection through copyright and trademark filings because of our unparalleled value, quality, and personal service. But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for our services and experience it yourself.